Meet Flo

Florence of A’Labia is a burlesque performer based in Chicago. She provides high energy acts with a flair for comedy and storytelling with a raunchy kick.

After getting her start in her hometown of Grand Rapids, Michigan, Florence began touring around the United States (and Canada!) performing several acts in every show until she moved to Chicago to become an independent performer. She sings, dances, and acts. She makes all her own costumes and props.

When not onstage, Florence is a professional erotic comic book artist (yes that’s a real job) which has given her plenty of practice at dirty storytelling, and making funny faces while she tries to draw them. (She gives excellent face.) She chronicles her burlesque life in a series called Comic Stripper.

Florence travels a lot. To book her, please see her booking page.

She models, and you can see her portfolio here.

Media kit here.

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Acts Currently in Rotation:

While Flo is happy to create new acts for a theme, these acts are ready to go and polished.

freddie God Save the Queen
A Freddie Mercury impersonation. Part drag king, part drag queen, all energy. Video here.
gum Bubblegum Bitch
Got a figure like a pinup in this hard femme act with an explosive ending! Video here.
gum Seduction of the Innocent
Comics will break your heart and turn a good girl bad in this nerdlesque act about comics history! Video here.
pussy The Pussy Song
A leopard-print love letter to raunchy 90’s club songs.
graduate Post Graduate Work
Florence has just graduated from college, but her degree isn’t helping her make back enough money to back back her student loans. Luckily, she can shimmy her way to fortune.
teacher Learning is Easy
Florence brings her puppet assistant to help teach some lessons, but that naughty puppet keeps making everything dirty.
If you ever wanted to see someone strip to Old MacDonald Had a Farm, here’s your chance. Video here.
daddy My Heart Belongs to Daddy
A cute and creepy jazzy number. Video here.
feelbeat Hydrate Gyrate
High energy jazzercize has Flo gettin’ sweaty. An homage to Richard Simmons.
singles All the Single Ladies
She wanted to make an act about cheese. This is what happened. But she goes great with tomato soup!
porno 1970s Pizza Man Porno
A tribute to 1970’s pornos. Flo is hungry for a pizza with extra sausage, but she has no money!
Can be done as a duo or with an audience volunteer. Video here.
devil The Devil Made Me Do It
Good girl Flo plays around with a ouija board and gets herself into trouble. Video here.
mermaid Sad Mermaid (I Want Vagina)
This mermaid is missing something very important. A duo act. Performed nearly 100 times. Video here.
oldlady Oldie but a Goodie
Her hips have been replaced with titanium. Watch her shake ’em!